A monochrome day

I’m not sure what happened to spring here in the UK, the daffodils maybe coming out but the ground is still pretty frozen every morning and the sunshine is still missing from the very grey overcast sky!

Today I’m ignoring the grey and enjoying the monochrome with a Royal Albert teaset, a beautiful Tudor tea room and a donut brooch.

Royal Albert Masquerade Coffee Set English Fine Bone china, white with black and pink rose pattern.

A gorgeous coffee set by Royal Albert, this listing is for a matching coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 4 coffee cups and 6 matching saucers.

Royal Albert masquerade tea set to buy see here.

This gorgeous black and white tea room is in Warwick, I didn’t have time to go in on this trip but despite the rain it looked fantastic. Recommend when your in Warwickshire.

A coconut coated brooch, made from wood, makes a cute gift for a donut fan. Available in a variety of flavours see them here.

Make the most of these gloomy days and look for the monochrome, I’m sure Summer will be here soon, well I very much hope so!!

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8 Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day UK is next Sunday 6th March, there are lots of wonderful gifts to choose from to suit all colour schemes in Lavinia’s Tea Party shop. Here’s a few ideas, but remember you’ll need to order soon to make sure it arrives in time!

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1. You’ll need a card, whilst I don’t sell cards here is a gorgeous print by Nina Campbell, which I sent to a friend last week as part of a personal post challenge for the year. There are plenty of gorgeous cards on etsy see here.  If you buy nothing else this Mother’s Day make sure you do buy a card, and support independent artists like those on Etsy, for more info see JustACard.

2. Splash out on this rare teapot, whilst its listed here at £175, there are some tea pots you can make tea for mum with that are under £20.

3. Pink rose brooch made from wood and paper, with a sturdy silver backed brooch clasp only £6 and comes in a cotton lined gift box, ready for you to give, or have it sent straight to your mother.


4. Treat Mum to a vintage bone china trio, a mismatched teacup with saucer and tea plate to eat cake off and be merry. See the selection of trios here.


5. A unique vintage plate clock for the wall, this fruity delight is £25, others start at £20 with a range of colours and patterns to suit all. Tick tock see more here.


6. Cute vintage bone china candy stand with handle, for every day use, so many uses including ring and earring dish for the bedside table, after dinner chocolate plate for parties and business card display for the retro business woman.


7. Take your Mother out for a real afternoon tea with cakes and finger sandwiches, reward her for all she’s done for you over the years.


8. Give Mummy afternoon tea which will last longer than an hour, with this brooch set of teacup and saucer with a cup cake. Such a cute gift and only £7.50.

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Today is pink and delicious 

Today it has been lovely and sunny the signs of spring are on the way, well I hope although the weather man keeps threatening snow!

To keep me happy and chirpy I am painting my nails bright pink and here are some of my favourite pink items and to go with them, so you can have a good dose of pink!!

1. This calorie free donut wooden brooch, looks delicious but will last longer than a real one! Looks super cute on a cardigan. To buy see here, there are many other flavours available including coconut and chocolate!

2. I took this photo of pink  geraniums last summer in Hereford city centre flower beds, the bright pink petals stood out on the back drop of grey foliage. Can’t wait for summer 2016.

3. A beautiful pink rose sugar bowl made from find bone china by Queen Anne potteries in England. The bowl measures 6 cms or 2.35 inches tall. 10.5 cms / 4.13″ wide.

Would make a lovely gift or addition to an afternoon tea party set. Mix and match with other china for that Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme. See here for more info.

Have a great Pink filled day 🙂
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Poole Pottery Sky Blue & Dove Grey

Poole Pottery – Twintone sky blue and dove grey, pattern code C104

Poole Pottery was a pottery manufacturer based in Poole, Dorset, England.

This is part of a Poole Pottery set, which is a sort after for collectors in its retro design, but can be use in a vintage home. The contrasting two tone grey and blue, go with many kitchen colour schemes and are gorgeous to use.


Poole Pottery produced many different colour variations within the Twintone range. Sky Blue and Dove Grey (pattern code C104) was one of the most popular of these variations and it was produced from approximately 1958 until 1981, it is now very hard to find pieces in good condition. Luckily I have!

A beautiful vintage jug with lid and matching tea cups and saucers, grey with a contrasting light blue.


A beautiful vintage teapot, grey with a contrasting light blue tea pot lid, in very good condition.


This Poole Pottery teapot measures handle to spout – 21 cms or 8.20 inches. 14cms or 5 inches tall.
About 5/6 tea cups of tea! Click the photo for more info and to buy.


The jug would have been used for hot milk or water, and could be used as a small coffee pot, it is grey with a contrasting blue lid.


I hope you enjoyed those photos of the pretty twin tone teaset, I will keep my eyes out for more piece. If you’d like more information or to buy, click on the photos which will lead through to Etsy.

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Vintage blue flowers

Forget Valentine’s, don’t be blue there are beautiful things here to cheer you up. Here are some pretty vintage blue flowers, on 3 different china pieces to feast your eyes upon.

A pretty white bone china tea cup with blue flowers and green leaf design on the cup and saucer, with ‘July’ on the inside the of teacup, the tea cup has an ornate handle.
The tea cup measures 7 cm / 2.75 inches tall. The saucer measures 14 cms / 5.5 inches wide.

Made in England by Royal Kendal English fine bone china. For more info see here.

Coffee pot circa 1950s with gorgeous gold gilt floral pattern all over the body of the pot and lid.  On one side of the pot there is a blue rose and white flower design, would make a beautiful display or addition to Madhatter’s Unbirthday Tea Party.

This fun Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland plate is bordered with blue roses, which look awesome against the monochrome Mad Hatter. This vintage plate is for display use only. See here for more.

Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t be blue!

7 Pink Victorian China Souvenirs

Victorian pink lustreware china, these pieces would have been bought as souvenirs from the place named. During the Victorian times, many working class people were able to take a holiday, something which had been a privilege to only the Upper Classes before. With the use of trains, many families would travel to the British seaside towns.

And thus the market for these souvenir pieces came about. These I’ve collected over a few years and am now selling via the Etsy shop, so they are waiting to go to new homes. Click on the photos for more information.

  1. – Present from London, pink tea cup.  

2. – Forget me not, tea cup.

Look at the gold floral detail, a sculpture on a tea cup!

3. – From The Isle of Wight, tea cup and matching pink saucer.

4. – The Isle of Wight, white and gold tea cup and saucer.

5. -A Present from Yarmouth, pink and gold teapot.

6. Pink floral and white bone china teapot

7. – Abergavenny, a pink bowl with landscape picture.


For more info on each piece see my Etsy shop: Lavinia’s Tea Party

Pumpkins Pumpkins and more Pumpkins

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere! I had a wonderful time in Hungary, where they grow a lot of pumpkins, we drove past fields of them. In Hungary, it is traditional to display them from the beginning of October outside houses and shop windows, where as in England I only see them the last week of October.  So today’s theme is all about the PUMPKINS….

Hungarian pumpkins basking in the afternoon sun. Halloween is nearly upon us and there is still a few more days left to order your Halloween themed kitsch brooches. See my Etsy shop to buy and more info.

Happy Halloween!

Please credit this blog or email me if you wish to use my photographs. 

It’s not her, It’s Me – Halloween Skulls Black and Gold Decor

Last year I supplied It’s Not Her, It’s Me one of my upcycled gold skull plates to be used in her halloween photo shoot. Her photoshoots and blog posts are very light and airy monochrome chic. This was out of the ordinary being so dark however the white and gold, with bright lighting created a stylish photos, not sinister or creepy at all.

As we near Halloween 2015 I wanted to share them with you for some inspiration this year, it doesn’t have to be plastic tat! The great thing about my skull plates is you can have them on display all year around. Each plate is unique as I’ve upcycled old english bone china plates with beautiful patterns.

The candles are by Lets Put a Bird on It, who have an Etsy shop, their candles are made from soy wax, which is clean burning, eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, sustainable, and carbon neutral.

All photos by It’s Not Her, It’s Me, check out her blog for more monochrome lifestyle and fashion, please seek permission before reusing these images.

Today is a happy Yellow day…

It has been a gorgeous sunny day, to todays colour theme is HAPPY YELLOW! First up I’ve chosen one of my retro wall clocks. I love this block yellow vintage plate, which I upcycled into a unique wall clock with black hands. Click the photo to see more information in my Lavinia’s Tea Party Etsy Shop. 
 I love seeing awesome coloured bicycles in towns, this one was in Hereford, England, the owner has pimped this sit up and beg bike, with a floral seat and flowers along the handle bars. Sooo yellow and happy, it should be compulsory for all bikes to be this happy!

The last of todays happy yellow is this sophisticated 1960s model, she wears an fantastic yellow outfit with pink gloves. I wish I lived in Mad Men so I could dress like this all the time! This lovely lady is actually a wooden brooch to be worn and makes a fantastic gift for the vintage fashion enthusiast in your life. Click the photo for more info.

I wish you all a HAPPY YELLOW day!

Please credit and link back to Lavinia’s Tea Party or email me if you wish to use my photographs. 

Top Hat launch and the Fred Astaire film…

To celebrate the launch of my new black top hat brooch, I’m sharing with you what I think of every time I look at these brooches… Every time I look at this Tophat brooch I think of Fred Astaire singing “Heaven, I’m in Heaven..” and dancing with Ginger Rogers in the 1935 black and white film called Top Hat. So here is the lovely black top hat brooch to wear.

If you have never watched the film Top Hat, watch this video its just one of the songs, the dancing is amazing and all filmed in black and white, which makes it even more special.

I hope you enjoyed watching Fred Astaire singing and dancing as much as I did.

Top Hat Wooden Brooch available in my Etsy store Lavinia’s Tea Party, click the photo for more information.